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May 21 – June 3: Babsje – Great Blue Herons: A Study of Patience and Grace


“Alas, my days of photographing the magnificent Great Blue Herons from the cockpit of my kayak floating on the lake have come to an end.” Posted by Babsje on December 20, 2023, shortly before her death in January. babsjeheron.wordpress.com.

Babsje was a local photographer who focused her lens on the Great Blue Herons in and around Lake Cochituate and on the Charles, including at the dam in South Natick. She spent many very happy days floating in her kayak, and the herons became so accustomed to her quiet presence that she was able to beautifully document their private grandeur for all to experience. 

She is greatly missed.

Babsje Yoga Heron 3
Babsje Yoga Heron 2
Great blue heron preening Columbus Day weekend.
Babsje great-blue-heron-fishing-near-reeds
Babsje Yoga Heron 1
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