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February 8th – March 27th: Carol Keefe & Bobby Reeve


This exhibit pairs the lush ocean landscapes of Carol Keefe with the true-to-life bird sculptures of Bobby Reeve.  


Carol Keefe

Carol Keefe is a long-term artist member of the Artist Association of Nantucket (AAN), and is represented at their gallery.  She has had several Featured Artist shows there and won Best of Show in the AAN Gallery in 2007.  In 2014, Carol was honored with the 2014 Painting Award from the AAN.  Carol has studied at both the Decordova and Danforth Museum Schools, as well as with Sherre Wilson Ray and Sandra Flavin.   Carol’s work is displayed at Brown Basket Gallery on South Wharf, the Nantucket Looms, The Sherborn Inn, Natick Artist Open Studios, and numerous private collections, as well as in her home studio near Cisco Beach and South Natick.

Carol’s art, in her own words:

I am inspired by the ever-changing light and color at the horizon. My medium of choice is oil on board or canvas. My paintings are often large, horizontal pieces emphasizing the meeting of sky and sea on Nantucket Island. My goal is to capture the feelings of summer on our coast.


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Bobby Reeve

For over 50 years, Bobby Reeve has been a woodworker in New Hampshire and Massachusetts doing house carpentry and running a one-man shop for furniture making and bird carvings. Both his parents were watercolorists and he started painting with their mentor, Harold Stevenson, many years ago.

Bobby’s art, in his own words:

I always wanted to fly, and I don’t mean in a plane! Somehow this explains my love of birds — their flight, colors, shapes, songs, and behaviors. I love the idea of a “bird’s eye view” and carving and sculpting almost get me there. 



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