Break the egg labeled Close Encounters of the Third Kind and break the egg labeled Jane Eyre, and scramble them with some special sauce, and you get Starman (1984, rated PG, 115 minutes).

You mix your basic alien-lands-on-Earth story line with love at a slow burn, and then give Jeff Bridges (the “Starman”) a chance to theatrically show how hard it is to learn the English language after you crawl out of the spaceship. Several characters rise to the challenge of answering the obvious question: how do we deal with a being from another planet who visits Earth with no obvious threatening intent?

The good guys win in this story, and Jenny (Karen Allen) learns a lot more than anyone else about a different kind of life out there in space. The story is wholesome, there’s some action, Bridges and Allen make a believably nice couple, and you don’t have to wonder too much about how the story is going to end.


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