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Can I pick up books on reserve for a family member or friend?

  • If your family member or friend gives you their permission and their library card, you may pick up their library items
  • Without the library card, we can only release reserved items being held for someone else with the following:
    • A copy of the emailed “Ready for Pickup” notification (valid only for the item or items listed)
    • A phone call of permission from the cardholder (library card number required at the time of the call)


Can I pay fines for a family member or friend?

  • Fines can be paid for family members or friends without their cards, but we cannot issue an itemized receipt for fines paid or disclose any account information such as the titles of fined items


I am returning library materials for my family member or friend. Can you tell me what is still checked out on the account?

  • No. Without the library card, we cannot disclose any information about the account.


Can you access my account over the phone to renew items, change a PIN, place requests, check on the status of requested items, or inquire about my due dates?

  • We are happy to help you manage your account over the phone with your account number
  • We do not access an account without the number, except to report a card lost or stolen
  • We can renew an item with the item barcode number (found on the item or the date due receipt)
  • We can place requests over the phone without your card number, but require your name and the address and phone numbers listed in your library account


How long do I have to pick up an item I placed on reserve?

  • You will receive an email or call when the item is available to pick up. All items placed on reserve must be picked up from the library within 7 days of notification; otherwise they are returned to the lending library.


Does the BFL have a printer that I can use?

  • Patrons can print or copy (in color or black/white) for 10 cents per page.  The library has one computer for public use that is connected to a printer.  Patrons may also wirelessly print from their own device.


Updated July 2023

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