Cold Mountain


Cold Mountain (2003, rated R, 154 minutes) is based on Charles Frazier’s first novel. I expect that any writer who has read it has murmured “wish I’d written that,” many, many times. The movie is as good as the book.

Probably you know the plot of this abundantly appealing love story of the American Civil War: the true grit of a resilient, ingenuous maid (Nicole Kidman as Ada) with a poetic willingness to live a full life, and an honest, humane Confederate soldier (Jude Law as Inman) who treks the length of North Carolina to get home to her. Their world is richly colored and flamboyantly imagined. Their fate is worth a good cry. 

I wouldn’t have minded hearing a bit more of Ruby’s innocent, boundless wisdom. Renée Zellweger won an Oscar (Best Actress in a Supporting Role) for her portrayal of Ruby, hard as nails when tested, and soft as a baby’s cheek when she revealed her true nature.

Cold Mountain reaches deep into your mind and heart.

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