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Staff Picks: Bringing Great Art into Your Home

Would you like a private tour of the Louvre?  Or maybe a chance to gaze at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for as long as you like? Here is your chance!

While art museums are closed to visitors for now, you can take a virtual tour of certain collections in several world-class institutions.  Here are a few to try.


The British Museum in London

Take a leisurely stroll through this museum that houses two million years’ worth of history and culture. With the help of an image-rich navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, you can jump from one exhibit to another; no map required!

You can also take a colorful ride through the British Museum’s virtual Museum of the World


The Louvre in Paris

The curators at Paris’ flagship museum offer seven virtual tours.  You can view their masterpieces—and lean in closer by clicking on the magnifying glass icon—but note that the descriptions are in French. 


The Museum of Modern Art in New York City

The first museum to focus solely on modern and contemporary art, MoMa offers six clickable galleries including paper, sculpture, and canvas.  There’s also an online exhibit featuring artist and designer Sophie Taeuber-Arp.  Thanks to MoMa, you can get lost in the soothing swirls of van Gogh’s The Starry Night.


The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

The Smithsonian is truly a treasure trove of natural artifacts.  Five separate tours bring you up close and behind the scenes of this vast collection, which ranges from mammals and butterflies to antlers and undersea wonders.  Start in the rotunda—complete with African elephant—with architecture that is as stunning as the exhibits within it.


The Vatican Museums in Vatican City

Here’s your chance to immerse yourself in the extraordinary architectural and artistic beauty of the Sistine Chapel, the Gallery of Urban VIII, and ten other elaborate museums that make up the Vatican Museums.  Each tour provides a 360-degree view so that you can absorb it all, from floor to ceiling.


Another perk of the virtual tour — you can visit again and again, and whenever you choose. Enjoy!


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