Bacon Free Library: A Certified Wildlife Habitat

The grounds of the Bacon Free Library is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat®!  This means that the library grounds provide water, native plants, and a safe habitat for local birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.  Also, sustainable practices are used to maintain the library property. 

Learn how to certify your yard at the National Wildlife Federation website.

Anyone can create a haven in which local wildlife can thrive by nurturing healthy soil, clean water, and native plants.


To get started (or keep going!), check out these resources:


Online resources


American Horticultural Society: Improving Life Through Plants and Gardening 

Homegrown National Park: Tallamy’s Hub

The Little Things that Run the World: How to Create a Pollinator Backyard by Professor Douglas W. Tallamy, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology (YouTube video)

The Massachusetts Master Gardener Association help lines 

 The National Wildlife Foundation, sustainability resources


Print resources


100 Plants to Feed the Monarch by the Xerces Society

101 Organic Gardening Hacks: eco-friendly solutions to improve any garden by Shawna Coronado

Bringing Nature Home: how you can sustain wildlife with native plants by Douglas Tallamy

Nature’s Best Hope: a new approach to conservation that starts in your yard by Douglas Tallamy

The Pollinator Victory Garden by Kim Eierman






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