Thoughts on giving

A letter from the Chair of the Trustees

Dear Friends,

I suspect that Shirley and I are not alone in choosing this time to consider our will and bequests.  Although there are many, many organizations in need of support, we have chosen to make the Bacon Free Library one of our beneficiaries.  The architecture, history, and mission of the library have made it a treasured regional institution.  Generations of families have walked through its welcoming doors and have found things that they wanted, and things they had no idea that they needed. 

Although the Town of Natick has been a valued partner in providing support for staff salaries and some books and programming, the library is a private, non-profit organization and the maintenance and preservation of the library building and grounds, along with funding for operations and additional programming, falls to the Board of Trustees of the library.  The Board of Trustees is fortunate to have a modest endowment to which it can turn to deal with building emergencies, but the amount of the endowment is inadequate to the needs of a 160-year-old building. 

I hope that you will consider the Bacon Free Library as you consider future gifts.  I can think of very few other organizations that have proven so durable and valuable to the common good as our libraries, and the Bacon is a truly unique example of what a very special library can contribute to a community.

If you have any questions about this request, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or by calling me at 617-694-5080.  You can also reach any other member of the Board of Trustees through the director of our library, Amy Sadkin at [email protected].

Thank you for your consideration,

David Parish
Board of Trustees
Bacon Free Library



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