Staff Pick: Movie of the Week

More from the movie corner of Graziella: The Second Mother
For the third and last week in a row, we recommend a Brazilian film, this time directed by a woman,  Anna Muylaert.  Set in São Paulo’s wealthy neighborhood of Morumbi, The Second Mother (2015) examines class  privilege in a quietly unspooling comedy-drama that tackles the perennially fascinating  subject of 21st-century servitude. How does the supposedly liberal and relaxed employer class find a way of expressing its fastidious distaste and unease when the live-in help get above themselves?  Starring the versatile Regina Casé in the titular role, Muylaert’s film does not exactly break new ground, either stylistically or thematically, but is consistently well-observed and absorbing. Watch out for the sporadic visual gems: the depiction of a door that separates a large house’s kitchen from its dining room is especially astute throughout, as are the film’s frequent uses of long, unbroken takes. Follow our advice and watch The Second Mother this coming week. 
Watch The Second Mother on Kanopy HERE.

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