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Staff Pick: Movie of the Week

More from the movie corner of Graziella: Wendy and Lucy
This week’s film is one of the best proofs that the spirit of neorealism is alive and kicking in the United States as well. Made in 2008, Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy takes a slow, hard look at a couple of days in the (life) journey of a young woman and her dog. On her way to seek work in Alaska, Wendy stops in an Oregon small town ravaged by unemployment and…no spoilers. Reichardt does not give you much context nor psychological information. It merely registers a mood and a moment in the margins. Indeed, Wendy and Lucy is a perfect example of how absorbing a film can be when plot and action do not stand between us and a fragment of a reality we know might be lurking around the corner. Just do us a favor and tune in to this marvelously acted film. 
Watch Wendy and Lucy on Kanopy here.


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