Mike Wohnoutka

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Signed Original Study Drawings and Books by Mike Wohnoutka

Art: Brown Prismacolor pencil on paper
Size: 4 1/2 x 4
Signed Book: Moo!
                        (Written by David LaRochelle)

Starting Bid: $50


Art: Acryla Gouache on watercolor paper
Size: 4 x 5
Signed Book: This is Not a Cat! 
                        (Written by David LaRochelle)

Starting Bid: $50


A little about Mike Wohnoutka

Ever since Mike can remember he knew he wanted to be an artist. His dad, who was an engineer at the Highway Department, would bring home reams of paper that had highway plans on one side and were blank on the other. He would be so excited to have all that paper to draw on and would fill each sheet with race cars, snowmobiles, baseball players, super heroes – everything he was interested in.

In high school his art teacher, Mr. Chase, encouraged Mike to pursue art as a career. This, along with a scholarship, led him to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Since graduating with a B.F.A. in Illustration, Mike has illustrated over 20 books for children. He has worked with various clients including Random House, Dutton Children’s Books, Clarion Books, Holiday House, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Walker & Co., Hyperion Books, Sterling Books, Cricket Magazine Group, General Mills, 3M, and Peaceable Kingdom Press.

Dad’s First Day, Mike’s second book as illustrator AND author, was published Fall 2015 by Bloomsbury. His first book as both illustrator and author, Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster, came out September 2014.

A native of Spicer, Minnesota, Mike currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife, Anna, and two children, Franklin and Olivia. (Bio from Mike’s website)

To learn more about Mike, visit his website HERE

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