Jim Paillot

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Signed Original Pencil Drawing, Giclee Print and Book by Jim Paillot

Original art from Grubtown Tales (Philip Ardagh)
Size:8 1/2 x 11
Signed Book: Mrs. Meyer is on Fire!
                         (Written by Dan Gutman

Starting Bid: $30

Art Print
Size: 10 1/8 x 10 1/8

Starting Bid: $5


A little about Jim Paillot

I’m a dad, husband and illustrator.

We live in Arizona with two dogs and and almost any other animal that scratches on our front door. Even though almost everything in the desert either bites, pokes or stings we call it home.

When not creating artwork for lots of fun people I am busy hiking, biking, exploring and bothering those around me.

Yes: Ant farms, robots with death rays, superheros and Riders In The Sky.
No: Angry mobs, two-headed animals, peas, tank tops at weddings. (Bio from Jim’s’s website)

To learn more about Jim, visit his website HERE

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