Grace Burrowes

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Grace Burrowes Swag:


  1. Grace Burrowes Lords A-lovin’ Collection:
    Audio versions of Daniel’s True Desire and Tremaine’s True Love
    Signed print copies of Thomas, Ashton, Hadrian, and Trenton

  2. Grace Burrowes Windham Sampler:
    Audio version of The Heir
    Signed ARC of No Other Duke Will Do
    Signed copies of the entire Windham Family Series:
    The Heir
    The Soldier
    The Virtuoso
    Lady Sophie
    Lady Maggie
    Lady Eve
    Lady Louisa
    Lady Jenny 

  3. Grace Burrowes Hear Ye Audio collection
    Signed ARC of No Other Duke Will Do
    Audio version of
    Lady Sophie
    Lady Jenny
    The Courtship
    The Duke
    His Duchess
    Tremaine’s True Love
    Daniel’s True Desire

Starting Bids: $30/each

Shipping Details for this item:

Grace will be shipping directly to the winner at the end of the auction and has offered Free International shipping 

About the Auction:

When: Sunday, October 22, 2017 8pm – Sunday, October 29, 2017 8pm
Where: Click HERE to bookmark the Ebay feed which will open on Sun, Oct. 22nd at 8pm
Preview: This site offers a PREVIEW of the auction. Bidding will be on Ebay

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